Kacien is a student from Elima Kyomi and is one of the main protagonists.

Age: 16

​Gender: Female

Race: Demon

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Natural Eye Colour: Blue

Alias: Kacien Akuviro/Kacien Geotoremachi

Weapon: Katana

Birth Date: August 3rd, 1999


Kacien is below average in height for her age at 5' 9". She's a well-built teen with long black hair and a scar spelling "DEATH" on her hip. Her legs are 3' long and her arms are 27" long. Her bust is a small 25", though regularly working out, earning her a 6-pack. Not caring about what a regular female should worry about, she cares none about her fashion, or hair. She's an extremely flexible person, being able to do the splits both ways and a perfect backflip. Her arms are fairly weak compared to her leg strength.


At the beginning of the story, Kacien was a psychotic, dysfunctional teen. When she registered for Elima Kyomi, she had a very clueless, laid-back personality. Along the way of learning friendship, Kacien began to laugh and smile. She now has a very casual personality, back can snap at any given moment. She doesn't like being labelled for her gender, this is shown in Chapter 7. She blushes a lot when engaging in romance or light nudity, this is shown many times. The first time was when she pulled down Satsuke's blanket revealing his nude body. One other was when Kacien ripped off Satsuke's blanket to be sure he was a male. Another was when she danced with Scythe and blushed when he near kissed her.


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