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A young child named Kacien was abused, near beaten to death countless times. When Kacien was 10, she realized she had to do something and began to plan. When she was 14, she murdered her mother and made a deal with a demon. She was sent on a mission to kill 8 highschoolers. But little by little, she's befriending them and betraying her contract.

How will the story go? What decisions will Kacien make? Find it all out in the story; Shi Tai Akuma

About this wiki:

Everything from characters to ships, this wiki has THE most up-to-date content. The wiki will be updated as the story goes along, so if you're not caught up, this wiki will contain spoilers.

About Shi Tai AkumaEdit

Shi Tai Akuma is an anime that takes place in the year 2015. Following Kacien Shiyomika's past, present, and future along with many others. The main protagonists are; Kacien Shiyomika, Spirit Takatashima, Satsuke Hitashi, and Tsugumi Akuviro. The 2nd main protagonists are; Scythe Takatashima, Edward Yotashima, Yomashiko Toiya, Jean Yukimati, Tatamashi Hiriok, and Brodely Yotashima.

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